A zip code should never impact a person’s ability to dream big and have hope for the future. Yet, for thousands of residents in Evansville, this is the reality. Research shows that residents from low-income neighborhoods have disproportionately fewer opportunities to thrive. In response, the Obama Administration created the Promise Zone initiative to accelerate existing revitalization efforts through partnership with community leaders and increased investments in identified priorities.

Challenged by poverty and neighborhood disparity, Evansville has made significant progress in recent years to secure new community improvement levers, including an influx of new federal / state investments such as the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant to reduce crime and Indiana Regional Cities Initiative Funding to fuel economic development. Moreover, extensive community improvement, visioning and planning (i.e., North Main Complete Street, Leadership Evansville Voice Visioning process, Downtown Master Plan, Millennial Plan, METS Transit Study, etc.) have laid the groundwork for new economic growth and security. This progress represents a galvanized community that was perfectly poised to compete for the Promise Zone designation.