Why Should You Invest in Evansville Promise Zone?

EHC seeks financial investments to support Evansville Promise Zone capacity and operations. Your support will enable EHC to fulfill the required responsibilities of the Evansville Promise Zone lead organization and work with partners to advance the six strategic goals.

EHC must seek funding to support Evansville Promise Zone for 10 years.  The first priority is to secure a three-year budget to launch the initiative and build momentum.  In subsequent years, we will leverage progress, outcome achievement and success stories to help secure future funding.

Due to the infancy of the program, the complete scope of benefits is yet to be fully realized. However, we can confidently anticipate that your investment in the Evansville Promise Zone will provide opportunities to:

  • Be recognized as an Evansville Promise Zone key investor.
  • Bring national attention to your generosity while strengthening your profile and partnership with the federal government.
  • Partner with 25+ local, regional and federal agencies
  • Contribute to innovative community improvement strategies with replication potential in other Indiana communities.