Evansville Promise links together a number of priority initiatives identified through years of strategic development and community visioning, and are supported through extensive community input and investments.

This progress will be leveraged to advance six strategic goals:

  1. Increasing Economic Activity. Infrastructure upgrades, new business cluster strategies, upgraded cultural/tourist attractions, placemaking.
  2. Creating Jobs. Job skills education/training, family asset building, transit oriented infrastructure and broadband connectivity.
  3. Improving Educational Opportunities. Expanded early childhood opportunities, school / community coordinated Positive Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI), expand quality out-of-school time programs, expand enrollment in 21st Century Scholars.
  4. Reducing Violent Crime. Evidence-based youth development, built environment improvements, marketing / education and leadership training and community policing.
  5. Promoting Health and Access to Healthcare. Navigation and connectivity to mental, physical and dental health care and increased access to affordable nutritious foods and prevention / wellness programs.
  6. Increasing Access to Quality Affordable Housing. Blight elimination and affordable workforce housing.