Evansville ongoing goals and objectives

  1. Education – We work with the schools in the PZ to ensure the children have the opportunities to learn and have accessible education opportunities.
  2. Economic Development – We are trying to increase the revitalization and redevelopment of the PZ neighborhoods by bringing new housing and workforce opportunities to the PZ neighborhoods.
  3. Housing – We are bringing affordable, low income housing to the PZ neighborhoods to ensure no one is homeless.
  4. Crime – We work with the Evansville Police Department, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department & Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office to educate the youth of Evansville on alternatives to crime and assist them with life goals to ensure they get a good start to life.
  5. Job Development – We are working with the area employment agencies to assist with job training and employment for those in the PZ neighborhoods. The Evansville Promise Zone is also looking to build a training center in the PZ to assist with education, training & on the job training programs to assist those that are low or no income families to become self-sustaining.
  6. Health – We are working with the Vanderburgh County Health Department on the Opioid Drug Crisis and trying to decrease the use and deaths caused by it, in addition we are ensuring that the individuals and families in the PZ are able to obtain affordable health care.

The goals must meet with the objectives of the grants we apply for as there are specific guidelines for applying for any grant.

  • Governance Committee meets regularly to monitor and report on overall progress
  • Work groups meet regularly to monitor and report on goal area progress
  • Reporting to HUD
  • Implement marketing / communications and resident engagement strategies
  • Gather success stories to share with HUD and general public
  • Assess and approve requests from organizations to receive PZ certification for federal grant applications
  • EHC and partners strategize around PZ goals, build collaborations, research and pursue federal funding that offers priority preference points
  • Evaluation, data collection, tracking and reporting
  • Participation in technical assistance collaboratives with HUD and other PZ communities