Silas J. Matchem Sr.


Silas J. Matchem Sr. is the Director of the Promise Zone. Silas has a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication from Western Kentucky University as well as a Master Degree in Administrative Leadership and Public Administration. Silas has over 15 years working in community development building programs such as the RISE Initiative, Mentoring Programs, afterschool programs, and leading community initiatives that directly affect those in need. Mr. Matchem believes the work done in the Promise Zone will not only have an effect on the area it serves, but the Evansville City as a whole.

Carolynn Pajoum

Promise Zone Liaison

Carolynn Pajoum is a Project Manager, local Government Promise Zone Liaison, and Co-Chair of the Economic Development Group who works for the City of Evansville in the Department of Metropolitan Development. A San Diego native with a background in procurement and finance-she serves as a liaison officer between local leaders, city departments, Echo Housing Corporation, and the Federal government to help develop program structure, grant research, and assist with overall development of the Promise Zone initiative.

Contact:    Phone:812-436-4555